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Mark Knopfler
Down the Road Wherever

Pubblicazione: 16 novembre 2018
Etichetta: British Groove Records
Produttore: Mark Knopfler e Guy Fletcher
Registrazione: British Grove Studios (Londra), 2016-2018
Formati: CD, LP

Bonus Limited Edition Box
Just a Boy Away from Home

When I was just a boy I’d be kicking a tin
Take the short cut home through the loony bin
I never gave much thought to the souls in there
I was just a boy, too young to care
Well the years go by and you get to see
A dream’s not the same as reality
Well a dream or two is going to crash and burn
And that’s the way that you live and learn

Well it was late one night and I woke at two
And I lay there thinking the way you do
But it’s a long dark night of the soul
When those thoughts are turning sad and old

And then outside on the empty street
I heard the sound of walking feet
Well it was just a boy away from home
And he was singing the song ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’

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