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Dire Straits
Dire Straits

Pubblicazione: 9 giugno 1978
Durata: 41 min e 52 s
Etichetta: Vertigo Records
Produttore: Muff Winwood
Copertina: Chuck Loyola
Note: rimasterizzato da Bob Ludwig nel 1996

Southbound again

Southbound again I don't know if I'm going or leaving home
Boy got to be moving
Seems like the boy is bound to roam

Southbound again got no money I've got no place to go
That woman's with her lover boy
Never want to see her face no more

Every single time I roll across the rolling River Tyne
I get the same old feeling
Every time I'm moving down the line

Southbound again last night I felt like crying
Right now I'm sick of living
But I'm going to keep on trying

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