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How learning to play the Mark Knopfler's Music

Pavel Fomenkov
Over the past 10 years I've been learning guitar, finding inspiration in blues, jazz, classical and folk music, studying and playing hundreds of songs and tunes ranging from medieval chants and Bach's fugues to Blind Blake's blues and Bee Gees. It's impossible to list all the songwriters whose music I admire, but only one songwriter in particular made me study all of his songs - Mark Knopfler.
This is why I wanted to create a place, where I'd listed my breakdowns and lessons on how to play his songs, as Chet Atkins used to say, “as the composer intended”. Hopefully, in the process I will share my passion for his music and also will debunk some prejudices for aspiring musicians about guitar playing, mainly that it's hard. Surely it's not - because I'm not even a professional musician.

Lesson 1 - Why Aye Man
Lesson 5 - Whoop De Doo
Lesson 6 - Baloney Again
Lesson 7 - One More Matinee
Lesson 8 - 5:15 a.m.
Lesson 9 - On Every Street
Lesson 10 - Privateering
Lesson 11 - Heart of Oak

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