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How learning to play the Mark Knopfler's Music

Pavel Blokhin

I’m not a professional musician, I’m a real self-taught. I don’t know whether adorns me this fact. I count myself among those, who once heard Dire Straits’ record and thought: «God, this guy and his guitar are one in the same! His sound is absolutely unique! Maybe I should try to do something like that?» Of course, today these ideas sound a bit ridiculously. Everybody, playing guitar, realizes that it’s impossible to repeat such great individuality as Mr. Knopfler. But those days it seemed nothing is impossible. How wrong I was!
So, once my first electric guitar appeared in my hand. That was just an electric guitar without any amplifier, as everybody had. It’s hard to believe in it now, but first song which I started to learn had been «Sultans of Swing». I suppose, I’m not original in this. I knew, that it hadn’t been a simple song, but that was the song which caught me very much and made me to start my way to the aim. It wasn’t easy at all, everything seemed very tricky, my fingertips hurt all the time, but still, with a constant insistence I continued. Surely, it took me a couple of months to learn this song properly, but… What do you think next? When I finished with it, I had been greatly surprised: I didn’t sound like him! Hell, it wasn’t even comparable!
Nevertheless, I was very proud of myself because I could play along with Mark while listening to Sultans on my radio. I set out to study Mark Knopfler’ s art, all the songs and accords, one by one. I tried to understand his technique of sound-making. From this point started my engagement in the whole world of this musician, poet and composer.
I cannot call myself an expert in everything that Maestro does, but I try not to drop behind and it certainly brings me pleasure. I really hope, that those, who start off studying Mark Knopfler’s music, would have materials made by me be helpful. Enjoy it and remember that nothing is impossible if you really desire it!

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